? KtwoK

Who we are

Ktwok (pronounced k2k!) is a young fast-growing global IT service company, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. We are well funded, have a clear focused business plan and strong experienced leadership.

We are an innovative company, supplying unique high information and software/IT services to international customers in niche markets. Our customers require mission critical, best of class service to underpin their business models, so we draw on our deep industry expertise and knowledge to help our customers achieve their goals, whatever they are. We believe that our success will be driven by the success of our customers and their success depends on our ability to empower them with innovative services, technology and outstanding customer service.

Ireland was chosen as the Company’s home as it has a young, highly educated workforce with a strong focus on technology and electronics. Ireland is a member of the Euro zone and English is the first language. It has excellent IT infrastructure, a pro-business environment and a history of strong foreign investment in Ireland, which means that there is a unique cumulative experience of managing global projects for multi-national companies.